Saturday, August 04, 2007

What's Mexican for Alcoholic Water?

That would have to be Pacifico of course!*

Now let me tell you about Pacifico. And I mean to be specifico. This cerveza is by no means magnifico. When it comes to notoriety stateside, Corona is far more prolifico. But we all know that the Mexican beer game is mostly politic-o. Because you see the group responsible for Corona is also responsible for Pacifico. Yes, they both fall under Grupo Modelo in Me-hico. Now there are a lots of Corona fanaticos, but some seem to prefer their Pacificos. Now I've had both, and neither strikes me as really terrifico.

Pacifico is a pilsener, with a clear yellow pour, that is not in anyway distincto. Smells and tastes like one of those malted corn drinkos. It's almost like they found the basic corn pilsener recipe and photocopied it at a Kinkos. Now while it's not a beer that makes you thinko, it is okay to drinko. If you're offered one, don't pour it down the sink-ho'. But when answering the question, "is it better than Corona?" well, I guess I'm still on the brinko. But on on the ratings scale of swill, to liquid awesome, it rates an okay to drinko.

Bottoms Up!
Willie 3:16-O?

*Both Pacifico and Corona could be considered to be Mexican for alcoholic water. In the beer thesaurus they are, in fact loose synonyms.

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