Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Physics of Beer

This is a little different from our normal beat, but it involves beer, so...

Scientists at the University of Manitoba are studying the physics of beer bubbles. They're looking at the use of multiply scattered acoustic waves and how they change physical systems - simply stated, they're hoping to increase the technology by which images are created. Where radars create simple images based on single waves, they're hoping that beer will provide them a solution to create more complex images. Multiply scattered acoustic waves can also track changes over time; if this research pans out, scientists might be able to create technology that can monitor the structural soundness of buildings and bridges - something that's definitely needed, especially in the wake of a disaster like this.

Lead researcher John Page notes: “I know that a lot of effort has gone into figuring out how to get just the right concentration and size of bubbles, and how to produce the perfect head on a glass of beer. There are people who work in that industry who know much, much more about that than I do."

We're not scientists, but we gleaned two essential truths from this reading.
- 1. Beer can save lives.
- 2. Finally, that bottle of Budweiser Select can be put to good use.

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