Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back and Bloggin' (in our signature highly random fashion)

Well, kids, it has been quite a spell since last we sat and drank and shot the proverbial virtual shit, eh? One might imagine, given my lengthy layoff, that I am full to bursting with tales of adventure, intrigue, and hilarious tomfoolery. One might be very wrong in these imaginings, however. Or, perhaps, one might only be on one's third beer of the evening. I did manage to sample three very different (and all quite delicious) kinds of "Buffalo" wings on Sunday. Wait, where was I? On the couch, of course. My Christmas tree looks awful purty. I made it tonight. Did it all myself. I like to get drunk this time of year and stare at the lights whilst watching the Peanuts Christmas special repeatedly. You know how we do. It should be snowing soon given the time of year, but it is currently 84 degrees in our fair Electric City.
Speaking of the big city, I journeyed to my hometown of Randolph, NY (population: over 1,300!)recently for the holiday repast. Randolph is the proud home to a bowling alley, two bars (counting the Legion), two "restaurants", and a grocery store - with buggy hitching post, of course. Oh, and the 2005 Class D NYS Highschool Foosball Champeens! Word, exciting stuff. I'll leave you with that for now, it's all the inspirado I can spare. Worry not, gently buzzed readers, for there may yet be more to come. At some point.