Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How did 97X get into that memorable scene in the movie Rain Man?

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As the old adage says, "The harder you work, the luckier you get." And we just got lucky (of course, after years of hard work!). In the spring of 1988, we got a call out of the blue from a movie company that was going to be filming in Cincinnati and wanted a tape of our station "image liners."

We were skeptical that anything would come of this, but we complied. We found out later that the researchers who scout locations had asked Cincinnati locals "Who's the hip/cool radio station in Cincinnati?" and we consistently got the most responses. When he was in Los Angeles, the Tom Cruise character probably would have listened to KROQ, the grandaddy of the Alternative format that we initially emulated when we started in 1983.

A dozen years after the movie won the Best Picture Oscar, we still get comments on our "movie debut"... and Dustin Hoffman saying "97X - BAM - The Future of Rock and Roll" six times will play on The Late Show for eternity!

Boy Band Singer Runs for Cincinnati Mayor

News on Yahoo! Music
ustin Jeffre, a former member of 98 Degrees, wants to be Cincinnati's next mayor, saying his love for his hometown and desire to make it better motivated his decision to run.

"I am serious about this, and I intend to win," Jeffre, 32, said last week.

Jeffre said he wants to bring people from all over the city together through Cincinnati's arts and entertainment venues and build a strong downtown.

"We need to sell this city back to the people of this city," he said. "We've forgotten how great this city can be."

He also wants VH1 to follow his campaign for a reality series. VH1 officials have said no decision has been made on his proposal.

I actually might consider this if it was Nick Lachey. He's dreamy.

Body of a giant, hands of a dwarf

Body of a giant, hands of a dwarf - The Washington Times: Sports

Michael Jordan's "hand picked" former number one overall draft choice Kwame Brown is blessed with the body of a Greek God but cursed with the hands of Mini-Me.

Etan Thomas: Slam Poet

Wizznutzz Poetry


I am a King of one, subject to none but
and I
Eyes pregnant with visages of players to a throne
Pretenders who have shown, their souls turn like a basketball

A revolution.

I am the last left standing, the original prophet
I am so perfect so divine so ethereal so surreal
I cannot be comprehended except by my permission
My mons pubis is braided like Anubis before me
And now nobody can ignore me, score on me
I fill the lane with brains,
Reading futures in the stains
On my game worns.

Now I look upon my culture,
I see ballers, sure I do
Hard corers in Haute Couture, in furs
Enough to make my ancestry - stir

My brothers among me,
Kwame a black walnut tree,
Lorenzo in his Benzo, give Stevie Blake his Vitamin D
Gheorghe, the Great White Way,
My endocrine Giant is dying on the parquet

My soldier in hardwood war, Haywood
I ask: "What sound is made from the clapping of one small hand?"
A heart bigger that the prostate gland
of Abe
Honest, Master Pollin, an ego so kingly swollen, let me go,
Because the Foggy Bottom Metro is still an underground railroad

A time now of No kings,
No bling bling, a dawn for champions

Upon a time I was the first born here
In a time when King Hidi had
a taste for rookie cockery and chocolate fleece,
he held the locker room lease. Then in a day
to Phoenix, his reign nixed,
I showered for the first time in peace.

And then the King of Kings came to town
Riding on devils pacts, the backs of mules.
He brought his Airs(tm),
his nostalgic cloths, he filled arenas with the moths
Of decay
With a lady of white at his side
comma, K.

Now they gave Mike a motor bike. "Ride away ride away"
But no ride can hold old men's pride
So with a wince, The Frog fired the Prince.

It was once wrote that
Of this traveler from an antique land
Two vast and balky legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Grand, half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,

"My name is Michael, King of Kings:
Look upon my works, ye Faggots, and despair!"

Nothing beside remains.
Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

But the devil, the King, he is not a man.
Its an Association
That cuts the checks,
So I kneel and look this devil in the eye.

And say:
I will honor my ancestors, for I am the hiphop poet,
the last poet,
And there will be
Another last poet
After me

And as I drop my knowledge, my backpack rap
At a Republic Gardens slam, it is your soft white daughters
who swallow it all
At what price?
A two drink minimum and I think:

Now who are you calling slave?

Who is King
And who the Knave?

NBA's Etan Thomas: "I am Totally Against This War"

NBA's Etan Thomas: "I am Totally Against This War"

Out of the ashes of Iraq come soldiers dressed in fatigues of fire Wearing helmets secured in smoke They've choked off the lies spewed out of the mouth of a burning bush
The true warrior's existing wake
Who's flames burned them at the stake
Cremated their bodies
And stuffed them in an urn wrapped in red, white, and blue....
Rummaging through a forest set ablaze by one lethal match
With witty catch phrases forever attached to the side of their kingdom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Links to Al Qaeda
Eminent threats
And weapons of mass destruction.....
They've been skillfully thrown into the lion's den
Out of the frying pan and into the furnace
Their courage exceeds any measuring stick
But they can hear the footsteps of death creeping around the corner
For they've been led into the eye of the storm
Transformed into peacekeepers
Lending a helping hand for the poorly planned post-war strategy......

The Poetry in J.J.'s Soul

SI.com - NCAA Basketball - J.J. Redick poetry - Wednesday February 16, 2005 5:30PM
As I decide to fulfill my life's strategy
The devil insists on trying to battle me
I meet him in an empty field on the high plains
He throws temptations my way to inflict internal pain
Life and death matters, this ain't no game
It's mind over matter, the power of my brain
He thinks I'll give in if my muscles start to strain
He believes I'll submit to the evil of society's frame
And benefit from notoriety's gain
He says I don't have to properly train
and that he'll give me all the fame
and everyone will know my name
But I think he's insane
'Cause I know the truth- to gain is to give
To have pain is to live
So I call on my heavenly Father's name
And slowly watch the thunder and rain subside
I'm finally able to push the temptations aside
I went blow for blow, I went face to face
Now the devil knows, I'm able to escape
Not by a back door or an alternate route
I saw the middle high ground and I ran right through.

Word. Eat your heart out, Tom Tucker. You too Etan...

Monday, April 04, 2005

38 minor leaguers violate MLB's drug policyMoss, Machado among suspended

ESPN.com: MINORLBB - 38 minor leaguers violate MLB's drug policy
Seattle's Damian Moss and Ryan Christianson were among 38 players suspended Monday for violating baseball's minor league steroids policy, a group that included eight players from the Mariners' organization.


The best underground internet radio station based out of suburban Cincinnati that I have come across in some time!

woxy.com > Home

As if that weren't enough, David Lowery will bring his "Lounge Act" to their posh studios live Tuesday at 3 pm edt. The Cracker/Camper Duo
will also be playing a couple of mysterious shows in the greater Cincy area (but no Kentucky). If only we had artificial relatives in the Queen City...

Buffalo News - Reshaping hockey's future

Buffalo News - Reshaping hockey's futureThis proposal breaks the mold. The Sabres have devised a cage that maintains the post-to-post width at 6 feet at the top and bottom while bowing the sides outward and the crossbar upward.

The posts would peak 3 inches wider than the current form, while the crossbar would be 6 inches higher at the crest. The net also wouldn't be as deep, to facilitate wraparounds.

"I was upset when I heard about it, but once I saw it, it's not that big of an increase," Sabres goalie Martin Biron said. "I warmed up to it as soon as I saw it."