Sunday, August 05, 2007

Revisiting Cape Cod

The beautifully summery weather this weekend brought to mind our trip earlier this year to Cape Cod, and in particular, to the Cape Cod Beer brewery. Other than some fine establishments in the city of Boston, and beers from Harpoon and Sam Adams, this was really one of our first experiences with the beers of Massachusetts. As we have been sadly lax in our picture taking for the site (especially since our only decent camera was stolen by a wanton criminal), we decided to post a few that were taken by an affiliated photog during our tour of the brewery in Hyannis. Rest assured, we are working on the camera situation and positive changes in that respect can be expected in the near future.

The outside of the brewery - it really is just a small warehouse in a light industrial park in Hyannis. This facility actually represents an expansion from their original downtown location.
Inspecting the tanks. I swear his head was in there just a moment before this was taken. One of the auxiliary holding tanks was actually acquired from the nearby Cape Cod Potato Chips factory.
One of New England's leading beer connoisseurs demonstrates a variety of different malts.
The local homebrewers club was brewing up a batch of undisclosed beer during our visit. We gave it the ol' sniff test. It passed. With flying colors.
Filled kegs biding their time in the cooler until their appointed time comes. So far, Cape Cod Brewing self distributes only to locations on the Cape. Too bad, we could go for a nice glass of their Hefe or IPA right about now.

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