Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy More Winter Bitches!

Enjoy your six more weeks of (ridiculously) mild winter. Should end just in time for the traditional March Madness opening weekend in the Electric City. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

We Apologize In Advance...Or Do We?

holla, holla, holla

Bojanglin' has been off to something of a rough start here in the aught and six, what with the promises of gay trashiness and the utter lack of posts and the what have you. But here is where everything changes. We's going rebel/pirate vibe. We are drunkenly taking things that should never see the light of day and creating classic posts with them. Y'all want a blog war? Y'all got it. Yeehaw! Here we go:

It should be noted that in the following "conversation", "ECP" is, in fact, ECP, and "IBD" may "have been drinking". Beyond those minor factoids and my utter lack of simple human decency, I hope some enjoy the following:

IBD: so now I am slowly but surely losing control of my limbs
BOJANGLES: I love that you had to have a mixed drink for caffeine
IDB: why else would I?
BOJANGLES: this idea can't miss
BO: I can't imagine
IBD: I didn't think I was making them as string as I was
BO: I like it
IBD: until I realized that I am on fourth one...from the same 24oz bottle of pepsi in a 16 0z glass
BO: I wen't to slicks about 6:30 tonight
BO: that's...even better
BO: ice does take up lots of room ya know
BO: liquor is kinda fun
IBD: it does....but still...I have been dancing around my apartment
IBD: it is...the best thing is...your mind is the last thing to you don't realize how drunk you are til lyou try to walk
BO: it just hits you at some point
IBD: I love it
IBD: so Paul got his cowbell taken?
IBD: did they give him a warning?
BO: no warning
IBD: that sucks
BO: some college dick came up at half time and attacked


ECP: Danny, This is the ECP
ECP: The man took it away
IBD: bastard
ECP: apparently (is that a word?) it is "illegal"
ECP: to have an artifical noisemaker
ECP: at an american east basketball game
ECP: your ok if it is at a field ho
ECP: hoc
ECP: hocky game,
IBD: sumbitch
ECP: those dykes love that
ECP: shit
IBD: yeah
ECP: you are not a dyke are you?
ECP: cause im sorry if you
ECP: are
IBD: I am a dyke...
IBD: apparantly I am hot stuff in the gay community
ECP: oh god, my face is red
IBD: sorry
ECP: do you hate me?
IBD: never
ECP: cause I onc
ECP: e
ECP: did a r
IBD: I just wish o=you were more open minded
ECP: i cant type on this
ECP: what
IBD: or that you would introduce me to some of your dyke hockey friends
ECP: i am trying to say is i once read the "vagina monoluges"
IBD: I am quite drunk...
ECP: and it was brilliant
ECP: i had a few gennys
IBD: I like slicks
IBD: I can't wait till Syracuse
ECP: i like you
IBD: How about Su with the buzzer beater last night
ECP: a/s/l?
ECP: i was watching UAlbny
ECP: dominate
ECP: sorry, ecp has been drinking
IBD: ahh

and we're back...sorry, again, some drunken asshole(s) found this amusing.