Sunday, January 07, 2007

Brooklyn Brewery

NEW YORK: For journalist-turned-brewer Steve Hindy, a renaissance in the
popularity of niche beers is just one of several reasons to raise a glass.
Hindy's Brooklyn Brewery is expanding its sales into six more US states,
taking it into the Midwest and making its brews available in 18 states in
And his brewery, a former iron foundry and matzoh bakery in an
section of Brooklyn, is perfecting a new Belgian-style ale:
Brooklyn Local 1,
which goes on sale in March.
"Craft beer is booming
now," Hindy said in an
office permeated with the smell of roasting barley.
The experience of the
Brooklyn Brewery, now two decades old, is being
felt throughout the small
brewing industry. Read the rest...

We wouldn’t go so far as to call Brooklyn Brewery one of our “go to” beer makers, but their stuff is, at the very least, beer that can always be counted on for a very solid product. Oh, and we have sort of a man crush on the head brewer, Garrett Oliver. We’re not sure what is most interesting to us about this story; that it was written for New Zealanders, that the founder of the brewery discovered his love for craft beer while working as an AP correspondent in Cairo, or that we learn that 80% of Brooklyn Brewery’s beer is produced under contract in Utica.