Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Law Opens Taps for Connecticut Brewpubs

Three New England states lie within close proximity of the Capital Region of New York: Vermont Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Vermont has long been known as something of a beer Mecca, and we've begun to explore the wonders of Western Massachusetts lately (more on that soon, if all goes as planned), but the Nutmeg State has remained a completely untapped (pun somewhat intended) resource for delectable new beers. Aside from our ignorance, one reason for this is that, until recently, brewpubs were not allowed to bottle and sell their wares off premises. The preposterous 77 year old law was stricken from the books as of June 29, allowing all nine (yup, nine) of Connecticut's brewpubs to sell beer to wholesalers for distribution. Despite the grand delusions of the owners of the Granby, CT based Cambridge House featured in this article, it likely won't make any noticeable difference to us anytime soon, but it certainly represents a step in the right direction. The Cambridge House actually looks pretty good, too. Wait, it's only 88 miles from Albany? Developing...

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