Saturday, July 14, 2007

ECP Approved

Hello readers, and welcome to the first of a semi-regular column entitled "ECP Approved". Consider this column a guide to help you in your beer and beer related decisions. As we know, some time thinking is just so damn difficult. So don't worry, ECP wil take care of it for you. Just look for the ECP seal of approval.

My first ECP seal of approval is what I call a black and blue. It is simply a mix of Labatt Blue and Guinness. But the taste is anything but simple. These are regarded by some as the best beers in the world. Others do not hold them in such high esteem. Regardless, I think we are all in agreeance that the merging of these two flavors creates a taste unlike any other. The stout, the lager, the black, the blue. They are true Friends. How could you not go wrong?

So the next time you are forced to watch 10 hours on NFL draft coverage, sit in an Electric City bar without Genny, or just want to do some home experimentation, reach for a nice "Black and Blue" and enjoy the ride. You be glad you did. Besides, It's ECP approved!

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Willie Moe said...

How 'bout the real Black and Blue, with Guinness and Pabst Blue Ribbon? Or my own patriotic concoction the Red, White and Blue, with Red Stripe, White Ale and Pabst Blue Ribbon?