Friday, November 19, 2004

Slick's claims to have been "famous for sandwiches, since 1974." I believe it. Anyone who has tried one (there are several of you out there - inlcuding a handsome young man of Japanese persuasion, who shall go un-named) comes away impressed, if only because of the sheer volume of meat each sandwich contains. These puppies retail for a little over 5 bucks, and there has to be well over a pound of fresh-sliced meat on there. We're talking 4-6 normal sandwiches worth. As the neon would imply, there is usually fresh Matt's on tap, along with some great pictures of the neighborhood in years gone by. Pay no attention to the Do Not Enter sign.

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Bill said...

I have to comment on this. This is seriously -- and when I say "seriously," I mean literally -- the most meat I've ever seen in a sandwich. (Unless you count a little rendez-vous I had with Diana Rigg and Sophia Loren in the mid-'60s.) Only complaint, and it's a small one, is that the bread is nowhere near man enough to handle all that meat. When one has that much meat, you would think some sort of a sub roll or hard roll would be in order, but these sandwiches just use plain old Wonder Bread. It makes it very hard to eat at times. But that's a minor complaint. If you're counting carbs or just want to get your "eat on" with some fantastically salty meats, give Slick's your business.