Friday, November 19, 2004

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference


I have taken it upon myself to become a MAAC aficionado this year. As such, I have witnessed two less-than-clutch performances down the stretch by my beloved Purple Eagles and Saints. Mid-majors are sexy like an aging Teri Hatcher is sexy. There may be better game out there, but if you ignore some flash and glitz and concentrate on that which you see everyday, maybe things don't seem all that desperate. Especially if they've had a little work in the off season - and Howie Long is not in the picture. Siena (my newly designated 3rd favorite squad) has played two respectable games against favored teams from Pepperdine and Oregon St. Niagara nearly blew out Big East contender Providence (leading by as much as 13), before an ugly disappearance down the stretch. FYI: senior forward Juan Mendez is an absolute stud. He would start on most Big East teams. Seriously. Sure, no wins yet in the 3 meaningful games I have followed, but this mid-major conference plays my kind of ball. Plus, one of the teams is local (and hosts SU on Nov. 27!).

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