Thursday, November 18, 2004

9 PM SU vs. MSU

Craigy McThunder!

Chill plenty of your favourite beverages and get those pizzas and/or wingies ready, kids! That's right, tonight marks the return of big-time college hoops to our collective livingrooms and neighbourhood sports bars. Be sure not to miss a moment of the action as studly senior center C. Forth takes on all comers in a battle to replicate Toastie's fundamentally sound plethora of devastatingly awkward low post dominating moves with the '04-05 Change of Pacers!

{We may not win a game, but so far we've been the classiest team and that should count for something. It doesn't, but it should.I'm just waiting for Toastie to turn into a basketball playing werewolf. Toastie's the hairiest so he seems the most likely to do this. A quick montage of Toastie dunking, stealing, doing some fancy dribbling as we continue to win, until Toastie can't be the wolf anymore and wants to play the Championship game as himself. But we decide we can beat Latinos Unidos as Caucasians United. Another brilliant montage with some inspirational music in the background plays as we mount a come back and finally win on a big climactic play by the Toastmaster General himself. And we win. Turns out we didn't need the wolf after all it was in us all along (sniff). hat tip: Willie Moe}

As if that is not enough, you might also have the good fortune of witnessing this man's smiling countenance from 6-7 PM at your local Circuit City electronics store (assuming you live in the greater Syracuse area). Also of note: I just ate a bologna sandwich.

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