Monday, February 12, 2007

Top Ten Brews from Playboy

We weren't sure quite to make of this either, but upon closer inspection, it seems respectable enough. It's actually a pretty impressive panel of judges they put together (we actually know who like half of them are). We haven't tried all of these brews, and don't necessarily think all that highly of a few of the others, but it makes for an interesting enough perusal. Do bear in mind that some would categorize this as a smut site.’s panel of beer experts told us their favorite American
microbrews.Here are 10 worth savoring.

Men often view beer the same way
they view sex: As long as you’re getting as much as you want, everything is
okay. But what’s the point of a large quantity of anything if you’re not also
getting high quality? Fine beers, like gorgeous women, should be savored and
enjoyed for their unique characteristics.
In the spirit of searching out
something more sophisticated to drink, we polled some of the nation’s beer
experts to come up with a list of the 10 best microbrews in America. While it’s
an impossible task to list all the deserving beers being made today in the
thousands of small breweries spread across America, this inventory of
distinctive brews should provide you with a good starting point. Unlike gorgeous
women, no good brew is ever out of your league.A panel of 14 beer experts sent us their top picks in a variety of different categories. The only stipulation was that each beer must be available in bottles (i.e. not just on tap at a brewpub) somewhere in the United States. The results of this open-ended vote were tallied and the brews that received the most votes were included in our top ten list. No favoritism was given to any of the brewers on our panel. To find out who was on our panel of experts, click here.

The Winners:

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