Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Beer O' the Moment - S'Muttonator Doppelbock

Smuttnose Brewing Co. Big Beer Series
S'muttonator Doppelbock

Good stuff, this. Very smooth, and malty in a good way. Apparently it packs an 8.5% ABV wallop - BA puts it at 9.8% - but we wouldn't really have guessed it. Been sitting here watching the telly and waiting for the heaps and heaps of snow to come, and we ended up nursing this baby for almost two hours (it was in a 22 oz. bomber, we haven't become that pathetic). Anyway, we certainly got our $3.99 out of this one. German beers aren't necessarily our favorite, but this, like almost all of Smutty's offerings, comes recommended.

What the brewer says:

S'Muttonator Doppelbock - S'Muttonator is once again back on the shelves and perhaps a bit is in the old belly, eh? It's been interesting trying to be creative brewing a style that has a fairly narrow interpretation in terms of historic examples and modern guidelines. My first real knowledge of this style was drinking Optimator. I love that beer. I used to drink three or four while cooking dinner for my housemates at Compound I in Oakland (OakTown Get Down, yeah!) I was working at Golden Pacific (the cellars of hell) and living in a collective warehouse that was in the old Jelly Belly factory. What great karma (or would that be plump karma?) I'd head down to the (original) Berkely Bowl, get my veggies and load up on the Spaten goodness, crank some Ween and proceed to drink my way through making a meal for ten. A drinking cook is a happy cook Mama J used to say. It's such a great sipping beer and a fine complement to food. So with those memories on my mind and palate, I think last years version was really close to what I like in a double bock, big and malty. The main thing I changed this year was to drop the starting gravity from 21 plato to 20. I thought the alcohol presence was just a bit much. I really like the balance now, though I'll probably add some dextrin malts next year to bulk up the body. My biggest issue was with our filter. It just flat out failed us. Not entirely it's own fault, I mean we have abused that sucker for years. And let's face it, it is kind of ugly and sad looking, especially next to our new(er) 8^2 meter Velo we procured from Goose Island. Ah, to have real live brewing equipment at my disposal. What a treat. It's like we're becoming a real brewery. Upwards and onwards I guess, eh?
Malt:PilsnerMunich MaltCaramunichCaraFa II
OG - 20° P, TG - 4.5° P
Hops:IBU ­ 42Bittering and aroma - Hersbrucker Hallertau
ABV - 8.5%

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