Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beer O' the Moment - Sea Hag IPA

New Engand Brewing Company
Sea Hag IPA

"Drink it, it's good."

We first saw New England Brewing's beer advertised in one of the beeriodicals we have developed such an unhealthy obsession with recently. This is hardly a rare occurence, seeing a beer that we haven't yet tried and can not easily get our greasy little mitts on. But divine providence must have been shining on us, friend, as this suddenly appeared in both our local beer stores. We spied this little beauty, and with some reluctance, forked over the $2.00 for a single can and took our bounty to its new home. [Update: we liked this enough that we had the little lady grab us an additional sixer of it. A six pack will set you back about $6.50]. Yup, that's right, a can. NEB is one of the few breweries to distinguish themselves by offering their beers exclusively in aluminum. Cans look like they will become an increasingly common container for craft beer in the near future - and something that we may well explore further for your sake, occasional reader. It's a phenomenon that we find quite interesting, and not just because they are ideal for an outing to the track at Saratoga. Cans also tend to be a bit cheaper than bottles, which is nice.

What the brewer says:
This one's a beauty: a rich and full bodied India Pale Ale, with complex malt character, blended with Noble hops. The end result is a beer that satisfies the "hop head" out there and won't chase away the newcomer. Drink it. It's good. This site is that pesky flash type, so it's unlinkable, but click here to learn the legend of the New Haven Sea Hag.

Our take:
This stuff is certainly fit for a Sailor. A nicely complex, yet very accessable IPA. Really well balanced, with a nice hop flavor. Very enjoyable, and easy to drink more than one. Did we mention it comes in a can and has a sweet story behind the name? This might just become a regular in our rotation. They also have an interesting blog. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

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