Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's In My Fridge?

You can tell a lot about someone by the items with which they surround themselves: a record collection, a DVD library, their wardrobe. I judge people by these things, and judge them harshly. Should I see a Hinder CD, a Uwe Boll movie or a trucker hat in anyone's residence, that person shall hear my very strong and very correct opinions.

But should I apply the same stringent and high-minded snobbery to what someone keeps in their refrigerator? Of course, I'm not referring to Hellman's mayonnaise, Diet Coca-Cola, Heinz's Extra Fancy Tomato catsup, or Hungry Man microwaveable dinners (I have one of these items in my fridge, can you guess which one?). Rather, I'm referring to the libations, spirits, lagers and ales of the world. Now that good beer is becoming easier and easier to get, there is no excuse -- save for dearth of funds or lack of taste buds -- to be slumming it on the beer front.

So what DO I have in my refrigerator, indeed! you ask. Nothing fancy, but here is a partial list:
22-ounce bottles of:

  1. Rogue Double Dead Guy
  2. Ithaca TEN (Excelsior! Series)
  3. Ithaca White Gold (Excelsior! Series)
  4. Rogue Smoke Ale
  5. Rogue Chipotle Ale
  6. Stone Arrogant Bastard
  7. Stone IPA
  8. Rogue Shakespeare Stout
  9. Green Flash Stout
Out of these, the only ones I have had before are the two Stone beers, half of the Double Dead Guy and the Chipotle Ale. Any suggestions where I should go next?

12-ounce bottles of:
  1. Sam Adams Boston Lager
  2. Sam Adams Winter Lager
  3. Sam Adams Cream Stout
  4. Sam Adams Old Fezziwig Ale
  5. Sam Adams Holiday Porter
  6. Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic
  7. Ithaca Cascazilla
  8. Mendocino Double IPA
  9. Magic Hat Roxy Rolles
  10. Magic Hat Jinx
  11. Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA
  12. Victory Festbier
  13. Ithaca Pale Ale

Our good friend Willie Moe, Boston's favorite prodigal son, has chimed in with the contents of his icebox:

  1. Southampton Pumpkin
  2. Southern Tier Krampus
  3. New England Atlantic Amber
  4. Sam Adams Winter Lager
  5. Victory Festbier
  6. spoiled cheese*
  7. rotten tomatoes*
  8. Ipswitch Harvest
  9. mustard*
  10. mayo*
  11. spicy brown mustard*
  12. Shipyard Brewer's Special
(*not clever beer names)

I have more out on my enclosed porch but it's too goddamn cold to go look to see what they are. What you got?

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