Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Quick Note as F.X. Matt Bottles Again

Just a month after a raging inferno nearly destroyed a production building and caused roughly $10 million in damage, the venerable F.X. Matt Brewery has resumed bottling their tasty wares and shipping said wares to a retailer near you, just in time for Independence day. If that run-on sentence hasn't already made you thirst for a Saranac, perhaps the thought of working one's way through the 12 Beers of Summer this weekend, or a simply sipping a couple of Pomegranate Wheats whilst taking in the local fire works show might do the trick.

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Bill said...

I actually just purchased a Saranac twelver to bring to a party last weekend and it really is a great brewery to bridge the gap between geeks and "blue-collar" beer drinkers. I am really glad they are back up and running so quickly. Even if we all just buy one twelve pack from them, we will be supporting a great brewery -- as well as the auxiliary effect of having 12 very good brews.