Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Ten Worst beers ECP has ever had

I rather enjoyed Bill's look at his favorite beers. But with every action, there is a reaction. So while Bill shows you "The Best" of his beer drinking experience...I will show you my worst.

We all love beer here at Beerjanglin. But lets admit it...there was a time when we didn't. Beer of course is an acquired taste. And while acquiring this taste, we had some bad beer...and some rough times. And even today, we still occasionally have a really bad beer...or an even worse experience.

So this one is dedicated to those early beer drinking days when slugging down beast ice was worse than Castor oil, and even the thought of beast ice gave you an upset stomach. And heres to today when even sometimes a "craft beer" is a little...well...off.

1. Piels - sometime in the early 90s.

This was my first real taste of beer, and I promptly spit it out as fast as it came in. I accidentally thought it was a soda, but it was really my Dad's brew. It was god awful. I remember thinking "people drink that crap? Why?!" I think a lot of people still say that about Piels. ECP doesn't.

2. Moloson Ice (I think) - again sometime in the early 90s.

Another early experience with beer. After a night of raiding my parents liquor cabinet of 30 year old scotch, I soon ran out and moved on to stolen beer. Already in an inebriated state from the scotch, I decided to have a few beers. At the time they didn't seem so bad, it didn't seem like razor blades slicing my mouth. But after passing out and later waking up on my parents front lawn in someone else's clothes, I re thunk my position that said beer tasted good. I have stuck by that observation to this day.

3. Moosehead Ice- 1998

This was the first beer I had in college. It was terrible. As I struggled to finish what tasted like moose piss, and sat around surrounded by hippies at my first college bar I thought "This is going to be a long 4 years". How wrong I was.

4. Busch Ice- 1998

What is it about freshman year of college and Ice beer? Even today this is still the worst beer I have ever had. I couldn't finish my second. I still get a headache thinking about it.

5. Tequiza - 1999

On an trip to Baltimore at the end of the worlds greatest decade, I made the mistake of having one of these beer like beverage. I'm not sure if it is even considered beer, and have no urge to investigate further. This flavor would rear its ugly head almost a decade later, with similar results.

6. Genesee - Various ill-fated nights

Don't get me wrong...I love Genny. But sometimes, it doesn't love me. Sure it goes down smooth, but coming out is anything but (no pun intended). Word of advice, limit this to 1 pitcher at a sitting.

7. Heineken @ the Van Dyke- 2005

Towards the end of the Van Dyke's run, its quality wasn't up to snuff. I can remember me, along with others, feeling cheated even after paying 1.50 for their own brew. But the worst was when they would be out of their own stuff, and sell only Heineken. No wonder that place has been forclosed on.

8. Labatt blue -2007

Numerous Labatt blue pitchers, fried food, and watching the NFL draft for 9 hours are a recipe for a very, very cranky ECP. Not recommended.

9. (Tie) Miller Chill and Michelob Ultra Raspberry Pomegranate - 2007

The Miller Chill oddly reminded me of Tequiza. Bad. I think my penis fell off when I drank the Mich Ultra. Worse.

10. Oktoberfest - SBC Brewery - 2007

Usually a beer that is 10 percent wouldn't make the list. Because even if it is bad, hey at least you get a bang for a buck. But after drinking this sub par excuse for an Oktoberfest, I developed a wicked hangover. What made it worse was driving hungover for 3 hours the morning after this and then as soon as arriving home, Tom Glavine proceeds to give up 7 runs in about 3 minutes. A bad day made worse by a bad beer.

Thank You Bill for bringing back these terrible memories.

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