Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is This Chatham Brewing Company?

It ain't on Cape Cod, we know that much. Not sure how the newest area brewery has escaped our attention to this point, but an investigation is certainly in order. Chatham Brewing is a small production brewery on Main Street in Chatham, New York, about 30 miles southeast of Albany. It opened back in February, and they are currently making an IPA, a porter and an amber ale. All beers are brewed "in the British tradition," and are unfiltered. There is no tasting room yet, but they do offer growler hours on Fridays and Saturdays, and all three beers are on tap at Peint o Gwrw, Chatham's only Welsh pub (the name means pint of ale). The porter must be pretty good, as it won at bronze medal at TAP NY in April.

We visited the Peint o Gwrw a couple of years back and we liked it plenty well. The main room was low, long and full of dark wood, and it had an old-style tin ceiling. We sampled several good beers on draught and ate copious amounts of cheese. Despite our Welsh heritage, we know far too little about the pubs of Wales. Some say this one feels pretty authentic. We've been talking about heading back to the Peint o Gwrw for entirely too long, and now we have another reason to make that trip soon. Chatham Brewing plans to offer seasonal beers in addition to the three current staples, and will hopefully be distributing their kegs to reputable establishments in the Mid-Hudson Valley and Capital Region by later this summer. For now, we're willing to travel just a bit to satisfy our curiosity.

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