Sunday, July 23, 2006

Live From Schenectady...It's Saturday Night!

We here at Beerjanglin' thought it might be fun for our readers to bring you, just for one night, into our glamorous world. Here you are, hope you enjoy your Saturday night!

We prefer the hamburger to the cheeseburger, and the fries to the rings. We also enjoy the fact that they are not franchised, and seem to be located exclusively in the ghetto. Oh, and they may well be available in your local grocer's freezer case. Ours were from Paterson, New Jersey, a complete and total hellhole.

Solid German style double altbier from Vermont. Great label, good brewery. This beer always seems to be missing something, despite it's 7.2% ABV. Ain't nothing wrong with it, though. And that is one great label.

This double IPA is 10% fun! We paid $2.80 for a single bottle at a local beverage store. Very hoppy, yet with a solid malt backbone. Brewed in April, but still had an almost musty taste (not in a bad way). Worth $11.99 for a sixer? Let's just say we'd pay $6 for a 20 oz. draft without too much of a grimace.

Weyerbacher (PA) is a brewery known for their big beers, and their Hops Infusion, albeit a mere IPA, does not disappoint. We highly recommend this one. $8.99 six pack

Full disclosure:
We also enjoyed a Mendocino Summer Ale ($4.99 for six0 and a Saratoga Lager ($3.99 for six) - also from Mendocino of Saratoga, but we were not able to find acceptable pictures of either. Perhaps we should just travel the 25 damn miles to the brewery and it's damned fine tasting room - set up just like a bar - and expose it to the world. Mendocino's home brewery is in California, but they do all of their East Coast brewing in Saratoga Springs, as well as plenty of contract brewing, including the entire U. S. supply of India's famous Kingfisher Lager, bottling for Long Island's Southampton Publick House, and the supply of Montana's Spanish Peaks east of the Rockies. We're sure there are more that we are not yet privy to. Anybody interested?

Feel free to try this at home, kids.

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Bill said...

I kept seeing that Weyerbacher label this weekend when I went to various beer stores. Oh by the way, one of them was Beers of the World in Roch, and that place is off the meat-rack, son! Anyway, there was something that held me back from buying it and I wasn't sure what it was. Until I got home and looked up the word "Weyerbacher" on the internets, and it turns out that "Weyerbacher" is a German word for "when your leg tingles and you think your cell phone is vibrating but it is not." So I think that's some kind of omen.